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  Books are the ladder of human progress. Book, is the source of knowledge, as ever, an inexhaustible. A book, is the beacon, never extinguished. Reading can cultivate a person's heart, just like physical exercise.

  "I rushed in a book, just like a hungry person sees a loaf of bread!" This is a famous saying of gorky once said. Good. Every time I got a book in his hand, and couldn't wait to open, hard to see a few hours, and then carefully taste. Taste the taste, imperceptible was engulfed by the plot of the book, shook, often post infection, happy atmosphere of laughing alone; Sometimes see tension, the exciting plot prompted my heart jump "beat" incessantly; Sometimes, they will be the sad fate of the protagonist in the book was moved to tears...

  Iread the "how the steel was tempered", see everything should have a strong will, don't back down, but to go upstream; I have read "journey to the west", see keep trying to do things. I have read the heart pasture, it edify sentiment made me a heavy sentiment. I have read the "lei feng's diary, I see this is lei feng" oneself live, is to make others live a better life."

  Everybody has the way frequently as the diameter, but learning the hard work. As long as I diligently study, one step at a time, the builders of learning, can of gaining its luminous summits.






  Iat ordinary times is a person in a reading, mom and dad let me reading I'm worried, but I read a book, Mr Ba jin's "home", I was in love with reading.

  The math book, to expand my thinking ability, make I can say will be "little smart"; Chinese book, let me more love, the good word we to improve my ability of reading by; English book, you can make me communicate with foreigners fluently, without language barriers; History books, is I and zu chongzhi, account, Copernicus, napoleon... To the intimate contact again and again; Naturally, I became good friends and nature; Moral character and society, that I know of a person, and have the public spirit; Science books, that I again and again to get a little experiment and a truth; A document that I learned good word, we enjoy the happy, so as to improve the writing ability.

  The romance of The Three Kingdoms in sentient beings to guan yu, zhang fei of crude and refined, ingenuity, cao cao and so on, they deduced a legendary story after another.

  "Journey to the west" has seventy-two sun wukong, simple and honest funny pig eight quit, seemingly brutish but not much sand monk, they suffered wringer on the way to obtain buddhist scriptures.

  Now there are more and more books I read, the knowledge is becoming more and more rich, I was more and more like to read books!







  Dear teachers, dear students:

  Hello everyone! Today, my topic is "I love reading."".

  Golgi said, "Im on the book like a hungry man on the bread."." We cant go around the world, but, can bring us to every corner of the earth. A classic book is a perfect world. In this world, there are mountains and sea in the classroom; there are clouds and days that are not seen on the playground; there is no color on the blackboard; there are pictures that can not be turned out in the textbooks.

  I love reading, and with good books, is a very happy thing. When I got together with my good friends and read a good book, when my mother and I were attracted by the plot in the book, the happiness was that chocolate and Princess skirts were far from being replaced. Having books is like having good teachers and helpful friends. They accompany me, and they make me happy and grow up with me!

  I love reading, as Gerd said, "read a good book, and one."


  Everybody is good, the title of my speech today is "reading and life".

  As is known to all, the book is the ladder of human progress. Books in our life play a very important role. The main reason why It is important, because it always exists in our side, is around us, and everyone is learning knowledge, using knowledge. But some people don't know what reading is to. I think one of the benefits of reading is to adjust state of mind. No matter how we met in living like earlier, can keep a peaceful and calm state of mind and be well prepared to face it. Happily, don't get carried away. When frustrated, don't be too sad, if can't avoid sad, think a way to unblock. Gorky said: the book made me become a happy person. Free time, we might as well read books too. Through reading, we have understood the book love, feel the truth; We know from the book to the history of change, social change. We learn from the book in thinking, put forward valuable questions, learn to grow up.

  Century old man bing xin said: good reading, good read, read good books. It is an axiom. Reading a good book, is talking with a wise man, can make the person mind full, make the person right from wrong. Bi shumin has said, the book is not a rouge, but makes the heart yan resident. Book is not sticks, but will make people are powerful. The book is not a feather, but will make one fly. Book is not everything, but it can make the person. Books are our most loyal partner, the so-called: gone through the book as a couple. Time went by, constantly reading but let us growth knowledge. Don't you want to gain knowledge? If you like, please pick up the book of our life is meaningful, into the book world, swim in the sea of knowledge, it will make you full of ideas, full of wisdom, and, in turn, change your fate, change your life, more let's get back to the truly belong to our self-confidence! Thank you for your speech!


  大家好,今天我演講的題目是《讀書與生活》 。

  眾所周知,書是人類進步的階梯。書在我們的生活中扮演著一個極其重要的角色。之所以說 它重要,是因為它無時無刻不存在于我們的身邊,充斥在我們的周圍,并且每個人都在學知 識,用知識 。 但是,有些人卻不知道讀書到底是為了什么。我覺得讀書的好處之一就是調整心態。不管生 活中我們遇到怎樣的大喜大悲, 都能保持一個平和冷靜的心態, 做好充分的思想準備去面對 它。高興地時候,不要得意忘形;失意的時候,不要過分悲傷,倘若不能避免傷心,就自己 想辦法疏通。高爾基說:書籍使我變成了一個幸福的人。閑暇的時候,我們也不妨讀一讀書。通過讀書, 我們從書體會到博愛,感受到真情;我們從書中認識到歷史的更替,社會的變革;我們從書 中學會思考,提出有價值的問題,學會成長。

  世紀老人冰心說過:讀書好,好讀書,讀好書。這是一句至理名言。讀一本好書,就是和一 個智者交談,可以使人心靈充實,使人明辨是非。畢淑敏也說過,書不是胭脂,卻會使人心顏常駐。書不是棍棒,卻會使人鏗鏘有力。書不是羽毛,卻會使人飛翔。書不是萬能的,卻會使人千變萬化。書是我們最忠誠的伙伴,所謂:走遍天下書為侶。時光會不斷流逝,讀書卻讓我們增長知識。難道你不想增長知識嗎?如果你愿意,請你拿起對我們人生有意義的書,走進書的世界,暢游知識的海洋吧,它會讓你充滿思想,充滿智慧,進而改變命運,改變人生,更能讓我們找 回那些真正屬于我們的自信! 謝謝大家,發言完畢!


  Good morning ladies and gentlemen. today i’m very glad to be here with you to share my stories and opinions about reading. i love reading from the bottom of my heart. and i do learn a lot from books. i know the wonderful stories of great heroes in history, secrets of nature, mysteries of ufo and our universe. to me , books are like a faithful friend, always around me , giving me enjoyment and wisdom.

  I remember when i was in primary school, ten or eleven years old, my father borrowed some books from the library in his school. those were among the greatest works of the world, including abrabian nights、the legend of deification, journey to the west, and the romance of the three kingdoms. these books were all written in ancient chinese characters but i tried to read the heavy books and were deeply attracted. from then on, i spared every minute to read whatever i could get. whenever i got a new book, i kept reading until i finished it despite time and place. i read books even in class or just a few minutes before the exams. in my mind, there is always an unforgettable scene: lying in bed, nervous but excited, my friend and i read a book together in the weak light of a flashlight , with a quilt on us, in order not to be blamed by parents. all my classmates thought i was crazy and gave me a nickname “bookworm”. so you can understand why i got my eyes shortsighted.

  Till now, i still like reading as i used to. and i’m very pleased to see that my ten-year-old son loves reading just like me. i have bought him many books. whenever you come into my home, you can find books in every corner. but the place where my son and i enjoy reading most is in the toilet. so it often happens in the morning: one is in the toilet reading something comfortably, while another walking outside , shouting. for my age, i like to read magazines or short stories to get relaxation as well as inspiration.

  Today we live in a world of prosperity. never before have we faced so many temptation from the outside world. never before have we had so many chances to enjoy our lives. we drive rather than walking; we go online to chat with people we’ve never met before instead of talking to friends around us. but there’s always something that cannot be replaced and forgotten., such as books. so i will allow myself to continue the journey in the ocean of books until the very end of my life.

  Finally, i’d like to end my speech with a great philosopher, writer and thinker, francis bacon’s famous saying: reading makes a full man. studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.

  Thank you very much.